Company activity, certification, delegation of specific tasks, accreditation

is authorized

to perform delegated official controls and related professional activities in the field of organic agricultural production performed in the Slovak Republic in the official language to the following extent:

• enforcement of the provisions of the principles and rules of organic agricultural production for operators registered in the CCTIA in the system of organic agricultural production at the Department of Fruit and Organic Production,
• certification of products from organic production on the basis of performed control of operators,

performed in accordance with the valid legislation of the European Community and the Slovak Republic in the field of organic production as well as the prescribed quality management standards.
The scope of the delegation of official controls and professional activities in the field of organic production is as follows:

• geographical area:

Slovak republic

• professional competence at all levels of the following areas of organic production:

Ecological operator engaged in the production of unprocessed agricultural products and live animals

  • Plant production, including the collection of wild plants and their parts and the cultivation of mushrooms in the system of organic production,
  • Livestock production, including beekeeping and aquaculture,

Ecological operator dealing with

  • the production of food from organic farming,
  • the production of seeds and vegetative propagating material from organic farming,
  • the production of feed and compound feedingstuffs from organic farming,
  • the production of other processed products derived from raw materials from organic production,
  • packaging, labeling and advertising of products from organic production,

◦ Ecological operator importing products from organic farming from third countries,
◦ Ecological operator exporting products from organic farming to third countries,
◦ Ecological operator who stores, transports, distributes and trades products from organic farming.

The authorization was issued by the Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture in Bratislava and it is listed in PDF format.
The authorization keeper in accordance with the EU rightly uses a numeric code

IO - Inspection body

CO - Certification body