Handling and solving of complaints and appeals
EKO-CONTROL SK Ltd. is actively engaging in efficient and effective complaint handling, as demonstrated and supported by the top management of the organization. Significant engagement to deal with complaints enables workers and customers to contribute to improving the organization's products and processes. Such engagement is reflected in the definition, adoption and dissemination of complaints policy and procedures.
Top management has created a clear policy of handling customer-oriented complaints. This policy is available and known to all workers. This policy is also available to customers and other stakeholders.

The complaint may be submitted:
- in writing, verbally, by telefax or by electronic mail.

The focus areas are clearly defined to maximize efficiency and effectiveness from the simple process for complainants:
• accessibility of complaints: information on the website:

 "Your satisfaction is important to us, if you are not satisfied, please, tell us, we will be happy to improve it."

  • collection and recording of complaints (see Annexes A and B);
  • confirmation to the customer of receiving a complaint if it has not been done personally (by phone or e-mail);
  • assessing the validity of the complaint, its potential impact, and determining which person is competent to deal with it,
  • resolving the complaint as soon as possible, if possible, or further investigating it, and then taking a decision on what to do with it and acting rapidly;
  • Providing the customer with information on what is planned to be done with the complaint and assessing the customer response;
  • Regular review of complaints - short periodic reviews and more intensive annual reviews help to find out whether there are any trends or common facts that can be changed or corrected to prevent complaints, improve customer service, or help make customers happier


    EKO- CONTROL SK Ltd. is liable to handle the complaint within 60 working days which commences on the first working day following the day of delivery.

    If the complaint is demanding for an investigation, the Director or his / her authorized representative may extend this period before the expiration for 30 working days. The prolonged time limit cannot be extended by the authorized representative investigating the complaint. In the event of a prolongation of the complaint time, EKO-CONTROL SK Ltd. communicates this fact to the complainant without delay, in writing and with reasons.
    Forms on complaints and complaints can be found on the web page under FORMS link.